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Crew Estle Dale R



Location: North Pickenham

Command or Air force: 8th AF

 466st Bomb Group   786th Bomb Squadron (Heavy)

Place of Departure: station 120

Destination: Vechta A/F Germany

Type of Mission: Obj Bomb

Weather Conditions at time of Crash: Cavu

Date: 15 August 1944

Time: 12:50

Aircraft: B-24 H

AAF Serial number: 42-95157

Number of Persons Aboard aircraft: 10





Pilot:                   Verdun W. Munroe           1Lt.          0-750818


Co-Pilot:              Harry E. Haseman              2Lt.         0-820758


Navigator:           Crowley H. Terence           2Lt.          0-716371


Bombardier:        Charles D. Welde               2Lt           0-717121


R/Operator:       .  Stephen N. Reiter             T/Sgt.       13170854


Tail/ Gunner:       Gerald Dean Boles            S/Sgt.       39275720


L/W/Gunner:      . Dale R. Estle                    S/Sgt        37652527


Engineer:             Frank Kayden                   T/Sgt        13084055

Ball-Turret:         James Albert Ehredt          S/Sgt        33568833


R/W Gunner:      William J. Weisner            S/Sgt        15383151




A/C 449 (Pilot Archer}, 157  (Pilot Munroe), 597 (Pilot Suchiu), and 532

(Pilot Harrington), were hit by E/A between Meppel and the Zyder Zee, on the

15 of August 1944.

A/C 449 (Archer) is reported to have exploded - 10 chutes see. 1 A/C is reported to have ditched successfully in the Zyder Zee.

The other 2 A/C were reported to have been hit and were seen to crash on land.

3 chutes were observed from one and 6 chutes from another.

There was no information from our air crews or from Division which could assist in determining which A/C crashed on land or ditched.


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This information is coming from the MACR 8427