The Beginning































We are Dennis and Gerda

 I Dennis am 31 years. I have worked with the Royal Dutch Army.There I was 7 years mechanic of the Leopard 2a6 fighter tank. Now I work as a mechanic

In my duty time I started the interest of World War II

 Gerda, my wife, 44 years is taking care of our daughter Denise. Since we been married she started her interest in World War II to.

 Together we made some Battletours; at first we visit Bastogne in 2003. This made already a big impression on us. In 2004 we made a tour true Normandy, because we visit many places we get more respect for the soldiers who freed us.

 We thought we must do something back for these brave soldiers. Then we heard of the adoption program of the American Cemetery of Margraten, and we made a request to adopt a grave of a soldier.

 By that time the graves where already adopted all, but there was a possibility to adopt a soldier on the Wall of Missing.

We had no doubt and made a request right away. On 10 September 2008 we received our first certificate of adoption, we where very proud.

 It gave us right away a ferry good feeling and we decided to make another request for adoption. Because we have something with airborne and true our Battle Tours before, we made a request for a soldier of the 82 Airborne Division. Also this wish came out and we became the proud adopters of a soldier from the 82nd Airborne Division.

 True my father we became in contact whit an older lady who had adopted 2 graves since 1945.Unfortunily she was unable to visit the grave because of her age and health. We decided to take over one grave, so now we are also the adopters of a grave on the American War Cemetery of Margraten.

 The respect from us to the soldiers is so big, that we made some more request for adopting.

We have another 2 soldiers on the Wall of Missing on Margraten adopted and two graves on the American Cemetery Henry Chapelle.

 When Gerda was searching for information about one of our soldier she saw a call from a lady from Canada who was looking for information about her uncle who was a pilot and buried on the American War Cemetery Ardennes in Belgium. She was looking for information because her daughter wanted to visit the grave of her great uncle in April, she is the first family member who is going to visit his grave. Gerda decided to help her with her search and send her some information an told her about the soldiers that we adopted, the lady became curious and wondered if the grave of her uncle was also adopted and asked us if we could find out if it was.

We find out that his grave was not adopted and that three other crewmembers who where with him in the plane that day also buried there.

Because he already had a special place in our hearts we decided to adopt him, but because the four man where died on the same day we thought that they must stay together and we adopted the other three soldiers to.


On this website we will tell each story from the soldiers apart.

We do this so they will not be forgotten and let everybody now what they done for us.