The Story of Baptist J. Massar


















































































Baptist J. Massar was born on the 19th of November 1919 in Buffalo, New York in Erie County.

His fathers name was Giocomo (Jack) Massar.

His mothers name was Louisa Massar.

Both of them were from Italy, Louisa came to the USA at the age of 5, Giocomo got to the USA at the age of 18.


Later the family made their home in Medina, New York in Orleans County.





Baptist J Massar is grown up with 3 sisters and 1 brother, their names are Mary, Connie, Isabel and Joe.



Baptist J Massar graduated from Medina High School after 12 years in 1937 and then attended Bryant & Stratton College for 2 years in the field of accounting.



He enlisted in the Service on the 6th of Februari 1941 in Buffalo, New York and went overseas on the 24th of December 1942.

He first served in the Quartermaster Corps and in September of 1944 he told his uncle that he wanted to help getting the war over in a hurry so he transfered to the Paratroopers.

Massar J. Baptist was a member of A-Companie 504th Paratrooper Infantry, light Machine Gun Platoon.


According reports which the family received:

During an attack on Hitdorf, Germany about 7 miles north of Cologn, after crossing the Rhine River, the company met with heavy resistance and during the ensuing engagement many men were captured, wounded or killed.

The company withdrew to the other side of the river and Baptist J. Massar was missing.

The squad leader searched for him about an hour before he left the area. The squad Leader later returned to the area after the town was retaken and the entire area was thouroughly searched but he was not found.

He was reported Missing in Action.

Today his name still is inscribed on the Wall of Missing on the American War Cemetery in Margraten, The Netherlands.


After he was Missing in Action his parents hang his photograph on a place in the living room, but everything could happen. Furniture may have changed, wall colour changed, his photograph was always there in the exact same place...a young soldier in uniform.

The house is still in the family.

In 1970 the father of Baptist, Giocomo, died, 10 months later in 1971 his wife, Louisa also died.


They are buried together on a cemetery were all the familymembers who have passed away are buried.

The family placed a plaque on the headstone of the parents of Baptist, with the inscription of Baptist J Massar, Missing In Action.

We thank the family for sharing their story's and photograps.