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Eugene E Lockhart was born on November 14, 1920.

His fathers name was Robert W Lockhart.
His mothers name was Mary C Lockhart.

He had 2 sisters, Anna and Alice, he also had 4 brothers, Clarence, Stanley, Robert and Hubert.
Eugene was the youngest of 7 children.

The family lived in Frankfort, Benzie, Michigan.

Eugene has done 4 years of high school.
After school he worked as a bookkeeper.

Eugene is married, his wife's name was Elizabeth.
They also had a son together. It is cruel that the son was born on the day that Eugene was killed.

Eugene went in the service on September 22, 1942.

He took service in Bay City Michigan.
He went directly to the Army Air Corps.
His former army serial number was 16119310.
In April 1943, his reserve status went over into active service.

When he went overseas, he was stationed in England, Norfolk at Thorpe Abbot.
From there Lockhart and his crew of the 100th Bomb Group Heavy 351st Bomb Squad flew its missions.
For the 100th Bomb Group is also a memorial placed in England.

For the 100th Bomb Group is also a memorial placed in England.

On February 3, 1945 Lockhart had a mission with the target Berlin.
They flew in a B-17 G with the extension number 44-8379.


This is a picture of the airplane where Capt Lockhart E. Eugene flew in on the 3th of Februari 1945.

Photosource:  100thBG

Eugene E Lockhart his function in the crew was Bombardier.

The following information comes from the macr, number 12046
Macr: missing air crew report.

Aircraft (A / C) 44-8379 was hit, according to reports by a ground missile, a few seconds before the bombs were dropped.
The plane made its bomb run and dropped the bombs too.

The fire caused thick white smoke, it came from various places of the airplane.
The door to the bomb to drop was close to directly then be opened.
The pilot opened his window and flew right hanging a bit.
The plane flew low in North-eastern direction for a while, while 6 members of the crew jumped from the aircraft.
3 of them by the wing and 3 to the shutters of the bombs.

Then there was a small explosion in the number 3 engine and the aircraft began burning and went down spinning and  collapse.
The plane was last seen at an altitude of 15000 ft / 4,5 km.
It crashed on February 3, 1945 at 11:28 in coordinates 5321 N / 1323 O.

7 of a total of 11 crew members are missing in action.

2 men of the crew were killed in action.

Eugene E. Lockhart his name is memorialized on the Wall of Missing on the American War Cemetery in Margraten, The Netherlands.


We thank his widow, Elizabeth, for the photograph and story of Lockhart E. Eugene.