The story of Joseph A. Battaglia















































Joseph A Battaglia was born in the year 1920.
He had 1 brother.
The family lived in Montour, Pennsylvania.

 He has done 1 year of high school, this was at the Washington Irving Junior High School.
After that he started working as janitors and sextons.

On December 12, 1942 he entered the service, that he did in Albany, New York.
He then had his training at Fort Eustice, Virginia.

In May 1943 he went overseas and has been in action in Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and the Netherlands and then to Belgium to participate to the Battle of The Bulge, the Ardennes Offensive.
His unit has received a presidential award for their excellent work in the Netherlands.

On December 30, 1944 was Joseph A. Battaglia seriously wounded and was in the hospital.
On January 7 he died on his wounds.

Some of this information can be found in his obituary in the newspaper which we received through an employee of the City Hall of Schenectady.