The Story of Raymond R Rhodes


































Raymond R. Rhodes was born in 1907

His father was Chester Rhodes and his mother was Myrtle Rhodes, Raymond also had two sisters Doris and Para Mea.
He has done two years of college.
Later he was a welding instructor.

He is married to Mary Ann Rufino, She died in 1990 and is buried on the Forth Smith National Cemetery in Forth Smith, Arkansas.

They lived in Sebastian County, Arkansas.
On November 6, 1942 he went in the Army, he did this in Little Rock, Arkansas
He joined in the Army Air Corps.

On October 2, 1944, the airplane, a B-24 H Serial 42-95104 where he was in, was shot down, by an enemy airplane. The nr1 and 2 engines were on fire. There are only 3 parachutes seen before the plane crashed, two crew members were captured and the other 7 crew members were killed in the crash.

They are buried the day after the crash on a Catholic cemetery in the place Berge, in Hamm, Germany.


In the newspaper was the obituary for Raymond R. Rhodes

Later they were reburied at the American War Cemetery Ardennes in Belgium where they have their last resting place.