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Richard h.Gentzel was born on 25-01-1923 in Centre County, Pennsylvania.

The name of his father was Daniel Leroy Gentzel,

Born on 23 Aug 1892 and deceased on 8 April 1938.

He is buried in Spring Mills, centre co, Pa.

The name of his mother was Cora Alda McCormick,

Born on 8 Feb. 1897 and she deceased on 17 Sept 1969.

She is buried in spring mills centre co, Pa.


Richard had one brother and one sister.

His brother was Bruce Donald.

He was born on 3 January 1925 in Chicago, Cook Co. Il

He deceased on 30 May 1975 in Williamsport, Lycoming Pa.

A picture of Richard together with his brother Bruce.


His sister was Joyce Isabel.

She was born on 20 Aug 1931 Chicago, Cook Co.Il

photo of Joyce isabel

She deceased on 4 April 2004 in Williamsport, Lycoming Pa.

Both of them are buried on the ST.Boniface cemetery in Williamsport, Lycoming Pa.


This is the house where they have lived in.


Richard was of very small build, but he was very rugged.

Richard and his brother Bruce were the first boys in town to have bicycles with wide tires. All the other kids were jealous of them.

Also he was quite attracted by the girls.

Richard was always very protective of his family.

He also had a dog when he was young, the name of the dog was Gallagher.


Dick of the 2 boys was most like his father. Loved to hunt, and played rough.


A picture of Richard and Bruce, together with their father. 


When his father died at the age of 48, {he dropped died when he was shaving}. This was in 1938.

Richard was then 15 years old when his father passed away and he had to become the man of the family and he took very good care of his mother and sister.

He worked hard and played hard.

Richard h. Gentzel did 3 years of high school at The Harris township High school.


A photo of Richard together with a former school mate.


The former school mate of Richard,  was later also in the service and was at the site where Richard last was in The Netherlands, but he was not there until Richard was missing.


 Richard worked a while in The Kline Shoe Store in State College before his induction into the army.

He was well liked and respected by the people of Boalsburg, Friends also called him Dick instead of Richard.


     Richard entered the army;       

                                                     His enlistment date is 02-03-1942.

Enlistment place was Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

His rank was private and his asn number was 13066977.

Pvt Richard h.Gentzel jumped into Anzio, Sicily and Holland, Market Garden.

During his missions he wrote some letters to his boyhood friend Ernie McChesney.

Ernie has made it that a lot of these letters where placed in The Centre Daily Times.





Then Market Garden.

Richard also jumped into Market Garden and then came that patrol.

06 October 1944

The F. Co patrol take place at the North of the Wylermeer along a dike called the Querdamm.

On the Northern end of this dike was a small forest as well as a little hamlet called the Thorensche Molen, it is no longer in existence because of its destruction in the war.

These are two pictures of how it looks today.

It was in this small forest, which was heavily occupied by the German troops, the patrol ran into fierce resistance and the both Richard H Gentzel and William Sandoval went missing in action

report of patrol



Article of the newspaper, missing in action


According Ernie: a soldier visit the family of Richard and told her that Dick was stabbed on patrol, but that the soldier who visits got the guy who did it.

Unfortunally he did not knew the name of the soldier.


Many months later his mother received from the western union a telegram, it was on 5 may 1945. Her son Richard H Gentzel was reported Killed in Action.


Telegram of the western union

Also there was an article of Richard in the newspaper that he was Killed in Action.
















The most remarkable article was the one of his comrades of his paratrooper company.




















Later in the 60s his mother visits the war cemetery of Margraten. She went to Holland together with the gold star mothers.


Picture of the gold star mothers at Margraten.


Richard his name is also memorialized on a memorial in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania.


We want to say special thanks to Family Dugan, Fam Gentzel and Fam Nordstrom. Together with them we made a search to first known as PVT Richard H Gentzel and now known as Uncle Dick.


Also thanks to Justin Houser, a far away cousin of Richard H Gentzel, but he also helped us in the search so that we all are able to honour PVT Richard H Gentzel, better known as Dick.