The story of William R Carpenter
















Major Carpenter was the commander of the 2nd battalion of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

How has he been missing:

Major William R. Carpenter was together with captain Charles L. Barnett in a kayak on the Rhine.
Major Carpenter wanted to retrieve a body of a trooper of E-compangnie, who was killed the night before.
Suddenly men of the 505th heard splashing on the water and screaming, they jumped in the water on the place where they heard the sound came from, but the splashing and screaming suddenly stopped.

Some men have tried to rescue the both of them.

The body of Major William R Carpenter was never found and his name is memorialized on the Wall of Missing at the American cemetery in Margraten, Netherlands.


At this moment we have no more information on Major William R. Carpenter, if you may have some info for us, please contact us.

The body of Captain Charles Lynn Barnett was found and he is buried at the American cemetery in Margraten, Netherlands.

His grave is located at:

Plot: C

Row: 10

Graf 30